Monday, September 29, 2014

Parents are Full-Time Problem Solvers

Have you ever had one of your children come to you in an intense matter about a challenge they’re having that is totally fixable? Because they have never had to grow through this challenge yet they don’t have any ideas how to make it through. Women, how about your daughter’s first menstrual cycle? I'm so blessed that God made me a man. I have no idea what it is like to have to go through that every month.

I do remember my daughter calling my wife to the bathroom in a hysterical manner as if something was really wrong. After my wife came out, I asked her what was wrong only to not want to know all the details. To all the single Dad’s raising young women, I really have a lot of respect for you because you have had to be both mother and father. It is already not easy parenting, but then also having to act as both parents is a little more challenging.

As I am writing this blog my oldest son is finding his way as a 23 year old, my daughter is turning 16 and my youngest is 4. All of them have their own personalities and their own challenges that we are growing through as a family. My 4 year old is learning how to sleep in his own bed and not want to be in our bed every night. Our daughter is about to have her sweet 16 party and get her driver’s license. My 23 year old is finding his way through his career. All these events have our family bonding together and growing through life experiences.

The glue for us is our faith that God will provide all that we need. Emotionally what may seem to be routine sometimes can be quite a traumatic experience. If Christ were not in my life I don’t know if I would have the patients to deal with all that parenting has to offer. It’s easy to quit when it gets tough, or verbally abuse your spouse. It’s a totally different thing to realize that God loves you and wants you to Love his children so therefore you need to apologize to those you hurt. But more importantly you need to get help so that they don’t grow up verbally abusing their children because they haven’t figured out how to deal with the stresses of life.

Life is a marathon and it’s going to take a support team to navigate through it. If you don’t belong to a church, just visit a few even if you've never set foot in one. People are warm, friendly and they truly care about your well-being. Once you are there, stay a while and get to know some people. You’ll find out what I did after years of Alcohol and Marijuana addiction, that it’s the best place to be in the entire world.

God Is Doing Some Amazing Things In Your Life Right Now!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Stop Planning and Do Something!

I talk to a number of people and it is amazing to hear all the wonderful things that people are planning to do. I’m so encouraged by the many things that people have in the pipeline: the books, women empowerment forums, non-profit organizations, mission work, and many ministries. Some people have great ideas and NO plan. Some people have great ideas and a great plan but NO action.

Only a few people have great ideas, a great plan, have a team of people that are aiding them in their plan and have the daily activity necessary to accomplish that plan. It takes discipline to focus on your goal and take the daily activity necessary for its accomplishment.
Vince Lombardi said that “discipline is the bridge between thoughts and accomplishment; it’s what takes us from inspiration to achievement”. I believe one of the biggest challenges that people with a huge dream or goal face, is the ability to stay disciplined. Discipline to the plan, discipline to fight through the fear of failure, discipline to stop listening to those who oppose you, discipline to pay attention to the details, discipline to enjoy the process, discipline to NEVER QUIT.

Doing something takes discipline. It will never be easy and don’t wish for it to be easy, pray for the strength, energy and discipline to see it through. I know God is doing many AMAZING things in your life right now because it is YOUR time. If you believe that to be true, then act on your goals and dreams. Whether you have the money or not, whether you have all the resources or not is not important as much as doing something is.

Write it out, put visual aids of your goal everywhere in your house. Speak about your goal daily as if it has already been accomplished. Pray about receiving your goal and for the people that are helping you accomplish it.

God Is Doing Many Amazing Things In Your Life Right Now!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The New Millionaires in Network Marketing Part 2

Now that you've evaluated the leaders of the company and you feel very confident in their leadership and vision. Does the product they offer appeal to the masses and is it consumable or a service?

With consumable products, there is an opportunity of you making a strong residual income off from the customers and from recruiting. Where from a service, once someone purchases the service they really have to be reminded to order more. If they’re consuming the product, when they run out, they’re going to re-order more.

The life of your long-term income is in people re-ordering your product every month. I have been involved with both in my twelve-year career and have helped more people with a consumable product earn income than with a service. As a sign of the times, many service-based companies are now offering consumable products in their portfolio.

I believe it’s due to the limit of potential revenue that can be generated in a service based company verses a company with a consumable product. Understanding the compensation plan can be a little tricky because you really need to know a little bit about the three basic types of compensation plans in our industry. They are: binary, matrix and unilevel compensation plans.

What is becoming very popular these days is a Hybrid compensation plan. It takes the best from two compensation plans and combines them. Here’s what you really want to know: what does it cost to make your product, how much goes to the company and how much is paid out to the distributor? If you know these numbers then you will understand how much money is going to the field and how much the company is keeping.

Whenever a company says we pay out 70%, you want to know where they get that percentage from. They may pay out 70%, but after you factor in the CV or BV point system, it’s more like 35% that actually is paid out to the field. If your company is unwilling to give you all these numbers, you can somewhat figure it out on your own. Take your last commission check that you got paid on a customer ordering a product. Look at what the wholesale price verses the retail price and what amount you got paid on that customer. Now take in mind you get different percentages on some customers, but this will give you some idea to what is paid out to distributors. 

Here’s the last thing you want to know, who is at the income level you aspire to be at? Ask that person how many people have they personally enrolled into the company, how many people placed an order last month and what was their income from those orders. This will let you know how much work will be involved on your end to acquire the income goal you have for yourself. Then ask yourself; can I with my existing talents and skills accomplish what they've accomplished?

Winning Is A Choice!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The New Millionaires in Network Marketing - Part I

The industry has evolved so much from the days of fax on demand, no Internet access and team commissions being paid out from upline’s very own commission checks. Many people, who are going to read this, have no idea what building a solid business was like in the early 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The beautiful thing about our industry is that it has evolved in so many amazing ways. Information is so much easier to come by these days and they’re so many amazing stories of people having success on a part-time basis.

With so many people looking for an opportunity that will help them financially, socially and physically, how do you choose the right one? The first thing I look at is the leadership of that company. How many years of success have they had in the industry? Are they businessmen who are attempting to start a Network Marketing Company or former distributors who understand what it’s like in the field as a distributor and have now become an owner.

Let’s look at these two aspects for a moment. In my opinion, a businessman who has become an owner of a MLM company may have a little bit different perspective on this type of business because he or she may come from a profit verses expenses mindset. Which in the long run, you want your company to be very profitable, but I’ve seen in the past where business owners who lacked Network Marketing experience made changes that decimated the field because they really didn’t understand the MLM business model. On the other hand, a distributor who has had success building a team and generating income from their MLM Company becoming an owner may have a different approach with running an MLM company. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are great business people, that just means that they may understand a distributors concerns. At the end of the day your decision should be based off of a few factors: is this group credible based off of their previous companies or businesses they’ve been a part of, is there any negative press about them in the media, if so how does it make you feel about introducing your family and friends to them, what type of success have they had in MLM, do you feel confident that they can lead you to your goals, and are you and your family committed to following them. 

These are just a few things you want to use to evaluate the leadership of a company. At the end of the day, everything is always fantastic during the honeymoon phase; you really don’t know the depth of someone’s leadership until you start facing challenges.