Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Stop Planning and Do Something!

I talk to a number of people and it is amazing to hear all the wonderful things that people are planning to do. I’m so encouraged by the many things that people have in the pipeline: the books, women empowerment forums, non-profit organizations, mission work, and many ministries. Some people have great ideas and NO plan. Some people have great ideas and a great plan but NO action.

Only a few people have great ideas, a great plan, have a team of people that are aiding them in their plan and have the daily activity necessary to accomplish that plan. It takes discipline to focus on your goal and take the daily activity necessary for its accomplishment.
Vince Lombardi said that “discipline is the bridge between thoughts and accomplishment; it’s what takes us from inspiration to achievement”. I believe one of the biggest challenges that people with a huge dream or goal face, is the ability to stay disciplined. Discipline to the plan, discipline to fight through the fear of failure, discipline to stop listening to those who oppose you, discipline to pay attention to the details, discipline to enjoy the process, discipline to NEVER QUIT.

Doing something takes discipline. It will never be easy and don’t wish for it to be easy, pray for the strength, energy and discipline to see it through. I know God is doing many AMAZING things in your life right now because it is YOUR time. If you believe that to be true, then act on your goals and dreams. Whether you have the money or not, whether you have all the resources or not is not important as much as doing something is.

Write it out, put visual aids of your goal everywhere in your house. Speak about your goal daily as if it has already been accomplished. Pray about receiving your goal and for the people that are helping you accomplish it.

God Is Doing Many Amazing Things In Your Life Right Now!

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